‘When You’ve Got To Go’ (TV)

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In this episode, Private Pike gets called up to go into the RAF. This upsets his mum as she doesn’t want her ‘little boy’ to go. The ‘Dad’s Army’ team soon treat Pike a fond farewell by giving him a special fish and chips supper. Now this is something I approve of. I want a fish and chips supper too.

This episode also has the ‘Dad’s Army’ team donate pints of blood for a good cause in the blood donor service. A competition ensues between Mainwaring and Hodges. Hodges tries to get 50 pints of blood whilst Mainwaring tries to get 100 pints. Even Wilson tells Mainwaring that it’s very risky. 😀

I really enjoyed this episode. It’s a nice one for Pike, who could possibly leave the ‘Dad’s Army’ team for good and serve his country. It’s intriguing to see how the ‘Dad’s Army’ team wish Pike well. Wilson is the one who suggests that they give Pike the special fish and chips supper before he leaves.

Pikey has some very good funny moments in this episode. He does this strange ‘face thing’ with his eyes, which was funny to watch. He does it all the time in this episode. It gets on Mainwaring’s nerves. I liked it that they have fish and chips in this episode. Mind you, I fancy sausage and chips! 😀

The episode’s guest cast is as follows. There’s Janet Davies as Mr. Pike; Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges; Frank Williams as the Vicar; Edward Sinclair as the Verger and Eric Longworth as the Town Clerk. There’s also Tim Barrett (who I’ve seen as Malcolm in ‘Terry & June’) guest starring as the Doctor.

No, no! Not that Doctor from ‘Doctor Who’! 😀 I mean the doctor who visits the church hall to collect blood from the ‘Dad’s Army’ team. The ‘Dad’s Army’ team manage to get their 100 pints of blood as Jonesy saves the day by bringing in bringing some Italian prisoners of war and some nuns. 🙂

The fish and chips supper scene at the end of the episode was very funny, especially when Jonesy mixes up Mainwaring’s meal with his. It then turns out that Pike’s not leaving the ‘Dad’s Army’ team after all because his blood group is pretty rare. But he still wanted to have his fish and chips anyway.

“You stupid boy!” is what Mainwaring says. 😀 ‘When You’ve Got To Go’ is a very good ‘Dad’s Army’ episode. It balances the two sub-plots of Pike’s leaving with a fish and chips supper as well as the blood donor service story very well. I enjoy watching this episode whenever I see it on DVD or on TV.

‘When You’ve Got To Go’ (TV) rating – 9/10

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