‘The Kipper and the Corpse’ (TV)



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This is another one of my favourite episodes from the ‘Fawlty Towers’ series! This episode is about a man named Mr. Leeman who sadly dies during the night at the hotel. Basil and everyone else have to carry the dead body of Mr. Leeman out of the hotel to the undertakers and not alarm the guests.

Derek Royle guest stars as Mr. Leeman in the episode. I’m amazed by how he managed to play dead throughout the episode and not slip up during his performance. I’m sure he enjoyed being carried around by Basil and Manuel upstairs and downstairs, before he soon got put in the laundry basket. 🙂

There’s also Mavis Pugh as Mrs. Chase with her dog Prince. Mrs. Chase is obsessed and in love with her dog Prince. She’s so obsessed that she barely notices Basil and Manuel carrying dead Mr. Leeman. I loved it when Manuel attends to Mrs. Chase and her dog for breakfast and he gets bitten.

There’s also Geoffrey Palmer as Dr. Price, who stays at the hotel. I loved it when Dr. Price wanted some SAUSAGES for breakfast and he doesn’t get any. I like having SAUSAGES for breakfast. The scene between him and Manuel where he wants SAUSAGES for breakfast is truly enjoyable indeed.

And there’s Richard Davies and Elizabeth Benson as Mr. and Mrs. White. This married couple tries to get into their hotel room when Basil and Manuel hide dead Mr. Leeman and Miss Tibbs in the wardrobe. Miss Tibbs has a large role in this episode, since she’s shocked to see dead Mr. Leeman. 🙂

I’ve also seen Richard Davies in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Delta and the Bannermen’ and heard him in the radio version of the ‘Dad’s Army’ episode ‘The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones’. Mavis Pugh also appeared in the ‘Dad’s Army’ episode ‘The Captain’s Car’ and the series ‘You Rang M’Lord’.

I’ve also seen Geoffrey Palmer in the ‘Doctor Who’ stories ‘Doctor Who and the Silurians’, ‘The Mutants’ and ‘Voyage of the Damned’. The episode also features Pamela Buchner as Miss Young, Raymond Mason as Mr. Zebedee and Robert McBain as Mr. Xerxes who’ve come to see Mr. Leeman.

‘The Kipper and the Corpse’ is one of my absolute favourite episodes from the ‘Fawlty Towers’ TV series. I love watching it again and again and it’s so funny when Basil and Manuel keep moving dead Mr. Leeman about the hotel. Manuel even gives up and tires out, ending up in the laundry basket. 😀

On Disc 2 of the ‘Fawlty Towers – The Complete Collection Remastered’ DVD, there are two audio commentaries on ‘The Kipper and the Corpse’. There’s an audio commentary with director Bob Spiers and there’s an audio commentary with John Cleese.

‘The Kipper and the Corpse’ rating – 10/10

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