‘The Psychiatrist’ (TV)



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In this ‘Fawlty Towers’ episode, a married couple of doctors come to stay at the hotel. Basil gets uncomfortable when he finds out one of the doctors is a psychiatrist. But Basil makes a fool of himself, especially when he tries to get to see the girl smuggled in Mr. Johnson’s room for the night.

Nicky Henson guest stars as Mr. Johnson in this episode. He would later guest star in the ‘Doctor Who’ audio by Big Finish called ‘Loups-Garoux’. Mr. Johnson represents a sex symbol to which Basil disapproves of. Sybil however admires him and has scenes flirting with him whilst he’s on the phone.

There’s also Basil Henson and Elspet Gray as the two Dr. Abbots in the episode. Elspet Gray would later guest star in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Arc of Infinity’. It was funny when Basil got confused with the two Abbots being doctors and also when they find him in their room where he ‘checks the walls’.

There’s also Luan Peters as Raylene Miles, an Australian girl who comes to stay at ‘Fawlty Towers’. She’s a tremendously gorgeous blonde and Sybil gets the wrong end of the stick when she thinks that Basil is trying to ‘grope’ her. There’s also Imogen Bickford-Smith playing Mr. Johnson’s girlfriend.

Although she doesn’t talk in this episode, Imogen Bickford-Smith has appeared in other TV productions such as the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Underworld’ and the ‘Miss Marple’ story ‘The Moving Finger’ with Joan Hickson. It’s funny how the girlfriend doesn’t get a line of dialogue in the episode.

It was funny when Basil tried to see the girlfriend in Mr. Johnson’s room by placing a ladder outside the window of their room, but it turns out to be the Abbots’ room instead. Sybil finds out from Manuel and smacks Basil on the face a few times. Basil is completely befuddled by her hitting him. 😀

Another one of my favourite moments from this episode is when Manuel says “She go crazy!” to Basil. Basil shakes him about after hearing Manuel told Sybil ‘he tried to see girl’. It was also funny when Basil hid in Raylene Miles’ room, only for Sybil to notice his finger was sticking out in the door.

I’m surprised Sybil didn’t say “Basil, I know you’re in there, so come out!” I’m also surprised Basil didn’t react in pain once she knocked on the door with his finger caught in it. 😀 ‘The Psychiatrist’ is another enjoyable episode depicting Basil’s embarrassment of sexual interaction between people. 🙂

On Disc 2 of the ‘Fawlty Towers – The Complete Collection Remastered’ DVD, there are two audio commentaries on ‘The Psychiatrist’. There’s an audio commentary with director Bob Spiers and there’s an audio commentary with John Cleese.

‘The Psychiatrist’ rating – 8/10

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