‘Cabaret Time’ (TV)


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In this episode, the Sgt-Major hatches a mean plan to get the Concert Party into trouble by arranging a gig with free food for them at the Kama Sutra Club. It’s a disreputable local establishment which is out of bounds to the soldiers. Sometimes, the Sgt-Major can be mean-spirited to the Concert Party. 😦

Doing a performance in the Kama Sutra Club seems like a great opportunity for the Concert Party. But to avoid detection, they must enter the club by dressing up as military policemen. It’s so funny when seeing Solly, Gloria and the rest get to dress up as military policemen and Rangi Ram helps out.

Upon arrival, the club owner, played by Talat Hussain, isn’t convinced that the Concert Party dressed up as military policemen are the actual Concert Party. It was funny when Solly got the Concert Party to sing “Meet the Gang” to convince the club owner. A repeat of the show’s theme song is welcome.

Sadly, the show doesn’t go down very well, as the audience members are critical of the Concert Party’s efforts. I think that’s rather unfair. Maybe it’s a run-down place, but surely the audience should realise that the Concert Party are trying to put on the best performances they can offer here.

Eventually, the place gets raided because of the naughty goings-on upstairs. Gee, when did the club become a brothel? The Concert Party members put on their military police uniforms in order to escape, whilst the Sgt-Major who’s there ends up in a clown’s outfit. This was pretty amusing to see.

Apparently, the Sgt-Major went there in order to rescue Parkin from the club. The Sgt-Major is still convinced that Parkin is his blood-related son, whereas in actual fact he isn’t. 🙂 It was amusing when Colonel Reynolds and Captain Ashwood recognised the Sgt-Major once he was in the clown outfit. 🙂

The episode’s cast also includes Robin Browne as an American sailor, Bobby Dennis as the cook, and Arnold Peters as Sgt-Major Stevens. I found it funny when Rangi Ram and Char Wallah Muhammed were going “Oh blimey!” at the episode’s beginning. The next bit after that makes it even funnier. 😀

When Sgt-Major Williams is heard shouting his head off, Rangi’s “Oh blimey!” reaction is hilarious. Overall, ‘Cabaret Time’ is an enjoyable episode featuring the Concert Party going to the Kama Sutra Club. A shame they weren’t received well by the audience, but then again, it’s not a really good club.

‘Cabaret Time’ rating – 7/10

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