‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ – Who’s Who

Here’s a list of who’s who in the ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ TV series.



GEORGE LAYTON as Bombardier ‘Solly’ Solomons (Series 1-2)

‘Solly’ is the showbiz man, producer and initial leader of the Concert Party’s shows. He often plays the male leads. He’s very intelligent and often has some sort of devious plot to avoid being posted somewhere or to get one over on the Sergeant-Major. He leaves at the end of Series 2 when demobbed to England.

MELVYN HAYES as Gunner/Bombardier ‘Gloria’ Beaumont’ (Series 1-8)

‘Gloria’ considers himself an artiste and doesn’t believe he should be in the army. He has a passion for show business and always dresses up as famous film stars during the Concert Party’s shows, especially Ginger Rogers. He can’t handle the violence, heat and mosquitoes of the army life in India.

DON ESTELLE as Gunner ‘Lofty’ Sugden (Series 1-8)

‘Lofty’ is the diminutive, rotund leader of the Concert Party, usually seen in an old-fashioned pith helmet. He has an amazing tenor voice, but the Sgt-Major often picks on him. He’s picked out by the Sgt-Major as a ‘volunteer’ when there’s a particularly nasty or a very dangerous task to be carried out.

The rest of the Concert Party includes Christopher Mitchell as Gunner ‘Parky’ Parkin, John Clegg as Gunner Graham, Stuart McGugan as Gunner Mackintosh, Kenneth MacDonald as Gunner ‘Nobby’ Clark and Mike Kinsey as Gunner ‘Nosher’ Evans.


WINDSOR DAVIES as Sergeant-Major ‘Shut Up’ Williams (Series 1-8)

Sgt-Major Williams is a professional soldier who’s extremely bigoted in his views. He makes every effort to bully the Concert Party and the Indians at their camps, reminding everyone of British supremacy in Asia. His goal is to get his soldiers posted ‘up the jungle’ as fast as he can and he doesn’t care for the Concert Party’s shows.


DONALD HEWLETT as Lieutenant-Colonel Reynolds (Series 1-8)

Lieutenant-Colonel Reynolds is the most senior office in charge of the Concert Party and enjoys their shows immensely. He thinks army life in Asia is very hard, whilst sitting around in his office with Captain Ashwood and often dining with his superiors. He’s a stereotypical British Army officer, who’s very stiff upper lip and prim and proper.

There’s also Michael Knowles as Captain Ashwood.


MICHAEL BATES as Bearer Rangi Ram (Series 1-5)

Rangi Ram is the Concert Party’s Indian bearer. He’s very proud to be of service to the army, even though Sergeant-Major Williams shouts at him a lot. Rangi often breaks the fourth wall at the beginning and at the end of each episode. This does involve providing the audience with old Hindu proverbs.

The rest of the Indians include Dino Shafeek as Chai Wallah Muhammad and Barbar Bhatti as Punkah Wallah Rumzan.

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