‘It’s a Wise Child’ (TV)


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This is the second of the two ‘lost episodes’ in ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ from Series 1. The first one was ‘A Star is Born’. I enjoyed this episode and it’s interesting how it unveils something about Parkin’s relationship with Sgt-Major ‘SHUT UP’ Williams. It seems Parkin is not really the Sgt-Major’s son.

Whilst this doesn’t match to the Sgt. Wilson-Mrs. Pike set-up in ‘Dad’s Army’ in whether they’re in a relationship and whether Pike is Wilson’s son, it’s amusing that the Concert Party try to keep up the pretence to the Sgt-Major that Parkin is his son in order to stop them getting posted up the jungle. 🙂

Um, I would’ve thought the Sgt-Major wouldn’t want to be in the jungle anymore after what happened in ‘The Jungle Patrol’. Then again, he’d probably stay behind in the Royal Artillery Depot in Deolali, India whilst the Concert Party were up that jungle. Hopefully with the Indians providing tea!

It was funny when the Concert Party members tried to deduce whether Parkin was the Sgt-Major’s son before going to check out their blood groups. Parkin even says “Shut up!” at one point, which was very funny to watch. He could’ve easily ended up being the Sgt-Major’s son at that certain point.

In a scene where Parkin and the Sgt-Major are in the officers’ office, we hear their thoughts on whether they think one or the other is each other’s father or son. It was amusing to hear them, Parkin doesn’t believe the Sgt-Major is his father and the Sgt-Major doesn’t believe Parkin is his son.

Renu Setna guest stars as the clerk behind the counter who keeps the blood samples of the military forces in Deolali, India. It was funny when the clerk took no nonsense from the Sgt-Major demanding service and to see the blood records. The clerk also tells the Sgt-Major to stop ringing his desk bell. 🙂

Rangi Ram also becomes involved with the tinkering of the blood samples to keep the Sgt-Major in blissful ignorance of the truth on behalf of the Concert Party and Parkin. The Sgt-Major also dresses up like Rangi Ram in the episode, which might be considered racially insensitive in today’s context. 😐

I enjoyed ‘It’s a Wise Child’. I don’t think it’s a great episode, but it does shed more light on the relationship between Parkin and the Sgt-Major and how its changes the relationship between them. I wonder how the pretence will be kept up that Parkin isn’t really the Sgt-Major’s son in the series. 😐

‘It’s a Wise Child’ rating – 7/10

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