‘Mutiny of the Punka-Wallahs’ (TV)


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In ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’s third episode, Barbar Bhatti as Punka Wallah Rumzan gets the attention. There’s a plan to replace the Punka Wallahs providing the cooling fans with their feet for British officers. They’re to be replaced by electric fans. It’s likely to put Rumzan out of a job at the camp. 😐

The camp’s wheeler-dealer Rangi Ram calls them ‘electric fannies’ in the episode. He asks help from the Concert Party in order to employ Rumzan whilst the officers have their electric fans. The Concert Party agree to employ Rumzan, but the ‘SHUT UP’ Sgt-Major points out only officers can have them.

At this point, you can tell that Sgt-Major ‘SHUT UP’ is a bully wherever he goes. He doesn’t seem to appreciate the situation Rumzan’s in. It’s also interesting that Sgt-Major seems proud to be British, since he’s a Welshman after all. I mean, does British account for the English and Welsh people here?

The Sgt-Major also has a scene with Rangi Ram, warning him about not telling anyone that Parkin is his son. This is after Rangi Ram tells Dino Shafeek as Char Wallah Muhammed (with Rumzan overhearing) that Parkin is the Sgt-Major’s son. This is to help the casual audience watching this sitcom.

When the Sgt-Major tells the Concert Party they can’t have Rumzan solving their problems with the heat, it leads to general unrest and sympathy strikes by the electricity and telephone employees. I laughed when the Sgt-Major had water (meant to cool everyone down) all over him from Rangi Ram.

Thankfully, George Layton as Gunner Solly comes up with a solution. Rumzan can power up the electric fan in Reynolds and Ashwood’s office by peddling a bicycle with another wallah to cool him. Reynolds and Ashwood are impressed by Solly’s efforts. 🙂 The Sgt-Major however is disapproving. 😦

Nik Zaran guest stars in the episode as Inspector Singh, who previously appeared in ‘Meet the Gang’. That episode and this episode are his only appearances in the series, which is why I forgot about him when it came to revisiting ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’. The Concert Party also dress up for a Chinese number. 😐

At least, I assume it’s a Chinese number. Not sure that would acceptable in today’s current climate. Despite that, I enjoyed ‘Mutiny of the Punka-Wallahs’. It’s not a great episode by any means, but it was enjoyable to sit through and features enjoyable performances from the cast as their characters.

‘Mutiny of the Punka-Wallahs’ rating – 7/10

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