‘My Lovely Boy’ (TV)


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The second episode of ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ has Michael Bates as Rangi Ram discovering that Sergeant-Major Williams and Gunner Parkin have photographs of the same woman by their bedside. To the Sgt-Major, she was her one and only love. To Parkin, she turns out to be his very dear mother.

Thus begins a running joke throughout the series that the Sgt-Major might be ‘Parky’s father. It’s very funny when the Sgt-Major tells ‘Parky’ that he has a nice pair of shoulders and he must show them off. I find myself mimicking the Sgt-Major whenever he says the line in some of the episodes. 🙂

Another occasion where I find myself mimicking someone is when Rangi Ram tells the Punkah Wallah Rumzan to not be such a ‘clever dickie’. 😀 It’s also amusing when there’s a dispute between the Sgt-Major and the well-educated Gunner Graham on how to spell the word ‘artillery’ in the episode.

The Sgt-Major believes it is spelt ‘artillary’, not ‘artillery’. They even have to look it up in the Oxford English dictionary to prove to the Sgt-Major that ‘artillery’ is spelt as it should be with the ‘e’ instead of the ‘a’. I don’t know why the Sgt-Major should think it should be spelt with an ‘a’ in the first place.

It’s funny when the Sgt-Major finds a way to keep Parkin in the Concert Party and not send him up the jungle like he originally planned. But it seems that Parkin doesn’t have much talent as was first presumed. This is especially when Rangi and Sgt-Major try him out to be ventriloquist in the episode.

Even when he goes on stage to perform being a ventriloquist with the dummy puppet, he messes things up before he gets to perform. 😀 Thankfully, Parkin’s talentless act is saved when Colonel Reynolds comes on stage and tells everyone that the war in Europe has ended, which is terrific news.

‘Gloria’ is hoping they can all go home now that the war is over, but the Sgt-Major says there’s still the Japanese to sort out. Yeah, it’s easy to forget that whilst the war with the Nazis in Europe ended in 1944, the war against Japan was still going on. It’s a part of 20th century history I didn’t study much.

‘My Lovely Boy’ is an enjoyable second episode in the series. I like how it sets up the running joke that Parkin might be the Sgt-Major’s son. Hopefully, as time goes on, the series will be able to pick up more identity with the characters and how the plotlines are to be played out in each of the episodes. 🙂

‘My Lovely Boy’ rating – 8/10

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