‘The Jungle Patrol’ (TV)


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This is one of my favourite episodes from ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ and my favourite from Series 1. I like that the episode took us away from the Royal Artillery Depot in Deolali, India and into the jungle for a change. It also showcases Sgt-Major ‘SHUT UP’ Williams in a very hilarious fashion in the jungle.

The Sgt-Major still disapproves of the Concert Party soldiers as entertainers. He recommends to Colonel Reynolds that the men need toughening up. He soon leads them on a jungle survival course in an attempt to make soldiers of them. This endeavour however doesn’t quite go according to plan.

It was funny when the Sgt-Major tried to teach the men how to cross a river when there’s a crocodile coming for them. At first, it was a fake crocodile built by Rangi Ram and his lot. But then, a second crocodile comes and it turns out to be real. Solly soon shoots at it to save the Sgt-Major’s life.

I laughed seeing the Sgt-Major’s reactions in those situations. I thought it was cruel of the Sgt-Major to order his men to throw their rations in the river. The Sgt-Major also ends up arguing with Mohammad Shamsi as the game warden who came by in the river, claiming they killed his crocodile.

It was funny when the Sgt-Major kept telling the game warden to “GET STUFFED!!!” whenever complaints were made. The way Windsor Davies says “GET STUFFED!!!” is hilarious. It’s also hilarious when the Sgt-Major teaches his men how to drink water in the jungle before he ends up being sick. 🙂

After drinking water from the root he picked up, the Sgt-Major tells his men that drinking from the root wouldn’t make him sick. It’s the comedic timing that works, since Windsor Davies knows how to deliver the comedic moment when he does get sick. Even the Concert Party find this pretty amusing.

It’s also funny when the Sgt-Major is surviving on berries and jungle water whilst the Concert Party are having cups of tea and cooked meals provided by Rangi Ram and the local staff following them. The Sgt-Major becomes less fit than the Concert Party members and he’s baffled as to why that is. 🙂

The episode also features Geoffrey Lumsden as District Commissioner Hope Thompson. Geoffrey Lumsden is well-known for playing Colonel/Captain Square in ‘Dad’s Army’. It was funny to see him in this episode. To the Sgt-Major’s display, Thompson wants the Concert Party to perform a show. 😀

‘The Jungle Patrol’ rating – 9/10

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