‘The Natives Are Revolting’ (TV)


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I found this a really funny episode to watch in Series 2 of ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’. This is especially when the Sgt-Major goes berserk not once but twice, once it’s indicated the Indians are trying to get rid of the British by ruining their white stones and replacing the Union Jack flag with their Indian flag.

It was funny when the Sgt-Major saw the white stones saying ‘British Pigs Go Home’ and he demands Solly and Rangi Ram to tell him who wrote that. When they answer, the Sgt-Major interrupts saying “Shut up!” He then goes pretty berserk as he smashes the stones up in the ground.

When the Sgt-Major sees that someone has replaced the Union Jack flag with the India flag, it’s funny when he goes irate and climbs onto the roof, pulling the Indian flag down. He also starts tearing the India flag up, just as the new and native District Officer arrives, appalled by what he sees.

I liked it when Gloria remarked the Concert Party do want to ‘go home’, but he doesn’t feel there’s a need to be called ‘pigs’. 😀 I’m astonished Colonel Reynolds and Captain Ashwood didn’t react in the same way the Sgt-Major did, since they had him calmed down once he went berserk over the stones.

Incidentally, Renu Setna plays the new and native District Officer in the episode. He was previously in the Series 1 episode called ‘It’s a Wise Child’. Like Mohammad Shamsi, I wonder if Renu Setna is playing the same person in the series but keeps changing jobs when appearing in certain episodes. 🙂

This is especially when Renu Setna’s District Officer character is disapproving of what the Sgt-Major is doing when ruining the India flag. He becomes irate and demands an apology from the Sgt-Major. I wonder if the District Officer was ever responsible for writing ‘British Pigs Go Home’ in the stones. 😐

He could’ve been responsible for putting up the India flag instead of the Union Jack flag. It’s never revealed who the culprit was in the proceedings of this episode. In the end, the Concert Party help the Sgt-Major in making an apology to Renu Setna’s District Officer character by performing a song. 🙂

It was amusing to hear Don Estelle’s ‘Lofty’ perform the solo at the beginning of the song, especially as he’s got a good singing voice. ‘The Natives Are Revolting’ is an enjoyable ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ episode in the series, just for the sake of seeing the Sgt. Major going berserk twice in the episode. 😀

‘The Natives Are Revolting’ – 8/10

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