‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 1, Episode 1 (TV)



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I found the first episode of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ a joy to watch and a great way to start the series. It took a while for me to get into the spirit of the series, but not too long and I was enjoying it immensely.

The episode begins with Hugh Laurie as Bertram Wilberforce Wooster (‘Bertie’ to his friends) being fined with £5 by John Woodnutt as Sir Watkyn Bassett. And it’s for stealing a police constable’s helmet.

It’s ironic that Sir Watkyn Bassett would return to haunt Bertie’s life in future episodes of the series. It’s also ironic John Woodnutt did four ‘Doctor Who’ stories before this. One is ‘The Keeper of Traken’. 🙂

Anyway, Bertie returns home with a hangover from the previous night of stealing the policeman’s helmet before he meets his new valet, Stephen Fry as Jeeves. Jeeves assists Bertie out of his hangover.

It was funny that Jeeves kept ringing the doorbell for Bertie to answer whilst Bertie was lying on his bed with the hangover. It was amazing Jeeves was very patient before Bertie came to answer the door.

After fixing Bertie with a special hangover cure, Bertie becomes impressed by Jeeves’ skills. He immediately engages Jeeves to become his valet. I did like how the two met each other in this episode.

Later on in the episode, Bertie has lunch with Mary Wimbush as his Aunt Agatha. Aunt Agatha happens to be ‘the nephew crusher’ according to Bertie’s cousins, Ian Jeffs as Eustace and Hugo Blick as Claude.

During lunch, Bertie gets told by his Aunt Agatha to marry someone. She’s already chosen someone and it happens to be Honoria Glossop. Bertie is not very happy about this idea, but Aunt Agatha insists.

Bertie gets sent to the countryside by his Aunt Agatha to propose marriage to Honoria Glossop. He and Jeeves head off to Ditteridge Hall, that is owned by Sir Roderick Glossop and his wife Lady Glossop.

At Ditteridge Hall, Bertie meets his old chum, Michael Siberry as Bingo Little. Bingo loves any girl that he meets. In this case, he’s rather in love with Honoria. This inspires Bertie with an ‘idea’ to help Bingo.

Bertie hatches a plan to help Bingo win Honoria’s affections by pushing her little brother, Oswald, off from the bridge and into the river. This goes badly wrong and Bertie soon ends up engaged to Honoria.

The episode features Liz Kettle as Honoria Glossop. There’s also Roger Brierley as Sir Roderick Glossop and Jane Downs as Lady Glossop. There is also Alastair Haley as little Oswald Glossop who likes fishing.

I’ve seen Roger Brierley in other things like ‘Mr. Bean in Room 426’. He also did the voice of Drathro the L3 robot in the epic ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’. It’s amazing what you can discover. 😀

Once engaged to Honoria, Bertie has to entertain her parents Sir Roderick and Lady Glossop with dinner by Aunt Agatha to reassure them that he’s ‘completely normal’. Bertie doesn’t take that kindly.

My favourite scenes in the episode are the funny climax where Bertie entertains Sir Roderick and Lady Glossop. Before that, there’s an amusing scene where Bertie sings ‘Minnie the Moocher’ on the piano.

I found it funny Bertie sang ‘Minnie the Moocher’ before Jeeves joined in to repeats his master’s lyrics. I’m surprised Jeeves didn’t sing ‘For Minnie had a heart as big as a whale’ after his master had sung it. 😀

For the dinner, it was funny when Bertie did a ‘musical chairs’ thing as in the ‘Laurel & Hardy’ film ‘A Chump at Oxford’. Sir Roderick got annoyed with Bertie’s indecisiveness in placing them at which seat.

The dinner sequence ends with Sir Roderick and Lady Glossop being scared by cats in the flat. This was all Jeeves’ doing. 😀 I found it very funny seeing that scene with Bertie unaware of cats in his bedroom.

My best mate Stephen and I once did our own version of the climax to ‘Series 1, Episode 1’. It was silly to do but a lot of fun in recreating the episode’s finale, especially with them cats appearing at the end.

The episode also has Jason Calder as Lord Rainsby who helps Bertie’s cousins Claude and Eustace to steal Sir Roderick’s hat. Adam Blackwood also appears as Barmy Fotheringay (pronounced ‘Fungy’) Phipps.

There’s also Justine Glenton as Daphne Braithwaite, Honoria’s friend and Robert Daws makes a small appearance as Tuppy Glossop. Overall, the first episode of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ has been very ‘spiffing’.

‘Series 1, Episode 1’ rating – 10/10

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