‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 1, Episode 3 (TV)

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The third episode of Series 1 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ is about Bertie discovering his Uncle George getting engaged himself to a young waitress. Aunt Agatha is really upset when she goes and visits Bertie’s flat.

Nicholas Selby guest stars as Uncle George in the episode. It’s rare we get to see one of Bertie’s uncles in the series. A lot of the time it’s Bertie’s aunts. Uncle George seems to be a rather jovial person here.

Bertie and Jeeves are disapproving of Uncle George’s choice to marry a young waitress as they’ll know it’ll upset Aunt Agatha. When seeing him, Aunt Agatha sends Bertie off to offer money to the waitress.

The girl happens to be called Miss Rhoda Platt. She lives with a woman in East Dulwich. This happens to be Paula Jacobs as Maud Wilberforce, who used to be a barmaid once when Bertie finds out in this.

Mrs. Wilberforce is, described by Jeeves, ‘kind-hearted’ but ‘definitely of the people’. Meaning that she’s a common, gaudy woman. She even mistakes Bertie for being a medical doctor visiting her home.

It was funny to see when Bertie visits the Wilberforce residence to try and see the young waitress girl. It gets Mary Wimbush as Aunt Agatha up the wrong way though as she insists Bertie sees the young girl again.

Bertie wishes for another way out of this. He turns to Jeeves, who offers the suggestion of arranging a luncheon for his uncle to meet the waitress’ aunt. Bertie happily agrees, but unaware what’s in store.

It was amusing to see Uncle George and Maud Wilberforce reunite with each other, as she turns out to be his long-lost barmaid love. Jeeves knew of this already before suggesting the lunch idea to Bertie.

Bertie becomes afraid when the wrath of Aunt Agatha will soon be upon them. This is especially when Uncle George is going to marry Mrs. Wilberforce instead of the young waitress. Jeeves has this in hand.

To escape her angry aunt, Bertie and Jeeves go over to stay at Lord and Lady Wickhammersley’s country residence. They hope to enjoy the local fair and place bets on some potential winners in races.

The episode features Richenda Carey as Lady Wickhammersley, who bans betting in the Wickhammersley to family and guests. Richenda Carey has also appeared in ‘Monarch of the Glen’. 🙂

There’s also Jack Watling as Lord Wickhammersley. I didn’t know at the time, but I later found out Jack Watling was the father of Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield in ‘Doctor Who’). I found this amazing!

Bertie also meets up with Michael Siberry as Bingo Little, who was in the first episode of Series 1. Bingo is still a love-sick guy. He has now fallen for a barmaid, Kelly Cryer as Myrtle. Is he never ‘love-sick’? 😀

The episode also features Richard Braine as Rupert Steggles, a notorious man who manages to foil Bertie’s bets at the local fair. Richard Braine would later play Gussie Fink-Nottle in ‘Jeeves & Wooster’.

There’s Helen Michell as the Wickhammersleys’ daughter Cynthia. There’s Charles Millham as Freddie Widgeon, Cheryl Pay as Mavis and Georgia Allen as Hildegarde, home guests at the Wickhammersleys’.

As I said before, Bertie, Jeeves and other characters try to make bets at the local village fair which get foiled by Steggles. Why Steggles would be against Bertie, Jeeves and the others is a mystery to me. 😀

Thankfully, Jeeves sorts things out with Bertie’s winnings. This involves making sure Bingo Little loses a mature men’s fair at the fete. Yeah, Bertie putting Bingo in a mature men’s race was not a good idea.

The episode also features Ruth Burnett as Beryl, a beautiful woman whom Jeeves manages to attract Bingo’s eye. 😀 There’s also Jack May as the Vicar, who’s been in ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ once.

Jack May also voiced Théoden in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ radio series. The episode also features Ben Davis as Harold Harmsworth, the fat boy with a rebellious streak who can run fast as Road Runner can.

The local fair scenes were pretty fun to watch, especially when watching the races despite Bertie winning his bets. Uncle George and Maud Wilberforce also come over and see the Vicar to get married.

I found this to be a pretty good episode in Series 1 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’. It has lots of laugh and contains a fun-filled atmosphere. It’s not the best episode of Series 1, but it’s still very entertaining. 🙂

‘Series 1, Episode 3’ rating – 8/10

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