‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 1, Episode 5 (TV)



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Here we are on the second episode of the two-part story in Series 1 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’. It’s amusing how the episode begins with Bertie trying to make himself a cup of tea while Jeeves isn’t in the flat. 🙂

Bertie receives a visit from Adam Blackwood as Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps who’s unaware of the recent things that have happened with Aunt Dahlia and such. Bertie tries to make out he isn’t at home.

I enjoyed it when the phone rang and Bertie made Barmy answer it and say that he was Jeeves. But it turns out that it was Jeeves on the phone and he was on his way back home after assisting Aunt Dahlia.

It seems that Jeeves was sent by Aunt Dahlia to convince Anatole the cook to return to Brinkley Court. Bertie seems so offended Aunt Dahlia hadn’t asked him to come back and restore peace and harmony.

It’s surprising Bertie doesn’t put any blame on himself for what happened at Brinkley Court recently in Episode 4 of Series 1, despite his good intentions. He goes “Of all the bally nerve” and ‘giddy biscuit’.

In the end, Bertie returns to Brinkley Court to keep at it with solving the tangles and upsets between couples. This includes Tuppy and Angela; Gussie and Madleine and Aunt Dalia and Uncle Tom of course.

This of course leads to more disasters in the end, but we’ll get to that in a bit. In the meantime, Jeeves successfully manages to convince John Barrard as Anatole to return to Brinkley Court and be the cook.

Brenda Bruce as Aunt Dahlia is happy and grateful to Jeeves for all he’s done. She still hasn’t forgiven Bertie for the upsets he caused at Brinkley Court, despite allowing him to stay at the place in this episode.

Anyway, Bertie continues to attempt reuniting Tuppy and Angela together. He does this by taking Angela for a walk and making insulting remarks about Tuppy whilst they’re sitting about in the garden.

This plan doesn’t quite work as Bertie intended. Angela sees Tuppy hiding in the bushes, eavesdropping on her and Bertie’s conversation. She starts agreeing with Bertie, much to his surprise.

Tuppy is also suspecting that someone is trying to win Angela’s affections away from him. He thinks that Bertie’s the one who’s doing it at first before Bertie convinces him that he’s in love with Madeline.

There’s a scene where Angela brings out a pyramid (and yes it is a pyramid) of sandwiches for Tuppy to eat for his lunch. Tuppy kicks that plate of sandwiches with his shoe after Angela openly insults him.

Failing to reunite Tuppy and Angela together, Bertie decides to attend to Gussie and Madeline next. This episode features the prize-giving day for a boys’ grammar school as mentioned in the previous episode.

Bertie decides to boost Gussie’s confidence in proposing marriage to Madeline and doing the prize-giving by lacing his luncheon orange juice with alcohol. This ends with success but also with a disaster.

Gussie manages to propose marriage to Madeline after drinking his alcohol-laced orange juice. But during the prize-giving, he becomes outrageous and overly confident, making insults along the way. 😦

Consequently, Madeline ends her engagement to Gussie. It gets worse when Gussie and Angela wind up engaged to each other and Madeline expects Bertie to marry her. Things are going badly for Bertie.

Yeah, Madeline seems to be under the assumption that Bertie is in love with her whilst Gussie’s in love with her. Bertie of course isn’t in love with Madeline but refuses to upset her feelings by thinking that.

In the end, Jeeves calls for desperate measures. He suggests to Bertie to ring the fire bell for a certain lovers’ reunion plan he has in mind. Everyone gets locked out and everyone puts the blame on Bertie here.

Jeeves suggests that someone should cycle to fetch the ‘back door’ key from the servants attending a dance in Kingham. Bertie gets chosen to cycle much against his will. It soon rains when he cycles away.

It turns out to be a wasted journey and everyone is happy back inside the house upon Bertie’s return. Jeeves reassures his master that all is well with Tuppy and Angela as well as with Gussie and Madeline.

The last episode of Series 1 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ has been pretty satisfying and enjoyable to watch. I like how things are tied together with Jeeves sorting out his master’s problems and everyone else. 🙂

‘Series 1, Episode 5’ rating – 9/10

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