‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 2, Episode 1 (TV)



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This is the first episode of Series 2 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’. It’s where some of my favourite characters come into play. This includes Sir Watkyn Bassett, Madeline, Gussie, ‘Stinker’ Pinker, Stiffy and Spode. 🙂

I’ll always remember this episode for featuring the debut appearance of John Turner as the amateur dictator Spode, who is like England’s version of Hitler, except fatter. He even wears a Nazi-like uniform!

The episode also features the second appearance of John Woodnutt as Sir Watkyn Bassett, who appeared in the show’s first episode. Sir Watkyn and Spode are very quick to judge Bertie in the series.

Diana Blackburn guest stars as Madeline in Series 2 of ‘J&W’ instead of Francesca Folan. This is where I get quite annoyed with the ‘J&W’ TV series in changing the casting of the actors as each season goes.

It makes the series’ less consistent when the new actress/actor looks nothing like the character in Series 1. Diana Blackburn’s fine as Madeline but isn’t anyway like how Francesca Folan had played her.

Richard Garnett still returns to play Gussie in Series 2 of ‘J&W’. How come they could get Richard Garnett back to play Gussie but not Francesca Folan back as Madeline. It’s just really weird and bizarre.

Gussie has troubles trying to convince Madeline that he’s innocent when he’s with other women. Madeline walks out upset when Gussie checks Stiffy’s eyes and when a maid is helping him in his room.

Charlotte Attenborough guest stars as Stephanie ‘Stiffy’ Byng whilst Simon Treves guest stars as Harold ‘Stinker’ Pinker. The two are engaged to be married, but Sir Watkyn won’t allow them to get married.

Stiffy is Sir Watkyn’s niece and does everything she can to see to it that she and Stinker are married. She even resorts to blackmail. Stinker has a problem of tripping over things whenever he’s not looking.

Anyway, in this episode, Bertie receives a visit from Aunt Dahlia, now played by Vivian Pickles. I prefer Brenda Bruce’s performance as Aunt Dahlia compared to how Vivian Pickles played her in this episode.

Aunt Dahlia comes to see Bertie to get him to acquire a cow creamer for Uncle Tom. He’s asked to ‘sneer’ it before it gets purchased. But before long, the cow creamer get bought by Sir Watkyn Bassett.

Bertie and Jeeves soon go to Totleigh Towers, played by Highclere Castle. Yes! Before Highclere Castle was ‘Downton Abbey’, Highclere Castle was Totleigh Towers in ‘J&W’. It’s pretty amazing to think about.

At Totleigh Towers, Bertie tries to get the cow creamer back for Aunt Dahlia as well as sort out Gussie’s troubles with Madeline. But Spode threatens to beat Bertie ‘to a jelly’ should he try to steal the creamer.

Spode is definitely one of my favourite characters from the series. John Turner’s so funny in the role. Spode runs the ‘Black Shorts’ and can be quite a bully to anyone like Bertie whom he considers inferior.

Bertie needs to find a weakness in Spode in order to get the cow creamer for Aunt Dahlia. Jeeves manages to find a weakness by consulting the Ganymede Club book when he goes to the club himself.

The weakness happens to be…’Eulalie’. I found it funny how Bertie tried to expose Spode’s weakness to him when he’s threatening Gussie. But Bertie can’t remember the word. That’s just typical, isn’t it?

Bertie and Gussie soon get chased by Spode before Jeeves writes the word down on paper for his master to say. Once Bertie says the word ‘Eulalie’, Spode is a quivering wreck which was very amusing.

This episode also features Campbell Morrison as Oates, the police constable who gets attacked by Stiffy’s dog Bartholomew. Stiffy and Bartholomew seem to have some grudge against Constable Oates.

Martin Clunes guest stars as Barmy (‘Fungy’) Fortheringay-Phipps instead of Adam Blackwood for Series 2 of ‘J&W’. This was the first time I saw Martin Clunes in anything before I saw him in ‘Snakedance’. 🙂

Thankfully, Aunt Dahlia manages to get the cow creamer back without Oates seeing her whilst Bertie and Jeeves leave Totleigh Towers unscathed. Spode gets one knock on the head by Stinker’s cricket bat. 😀

The first episode of Series 2 of ‘J&W’ is a joy to watch. I love how the Totleigh Towers characters get introduced, especially Spode who proves to be a good antagonist against Bertie in the ‘J&W’ TV series.

‘Series 2, Episode 1’ rating – 10/10

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