‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 2, Episode 5 (TV)

jeeves-s2dvd jeeves and wooster dvd


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In this episode, we return to Chuffy’s estate again in the country. We meet up with the Stokers and also Sir Roderick and Lady Glossop who join in the party to help, after appearing in the third episode.

Sir Roderick soon becomes friends with Bertie in this episode as they stick together when evading the village police who chase them after blackening their faces and they are believed to be ‘boggies’.

Barmy and all of Bertie’s friends at the Drones join in as they get to dress up as Minstrels for a boy’s birthday party as well as Barmy’s aunt. Bertie gets to dress up as a Minstrel to escape Stoker’s wrath.

‘Series 2, Episode 5’ rating – 9/10

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