‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 3, Episode 1 (TV)

jeeves-s3dvd jeeves and wooster dvd


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Bertie and Jeeves take the ship to New York to escape the wrath of Aunt Agatha. On the voyage to New York and there, Bertie meets up with Tuppy Glossop and Lady Pershaw with her son Wilmot.

Bertie is instructed against his wishes to look after Lady Pershaw’s son whilst she’s away. Bertie finds it difficult and it goes out of hand when Wilmot goes on the town and gets sloshed at night clubs.

Tuppy meets Stoker with his daughter Pauline (from Series 2). He attempts to purchase a stylish snazzy American car from Stoker to sell in Britain, which turns sour as he has to pay 57,000 dollars.

‘Series 3, Episode 1’ rating – 9/10

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