‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 3, Episode 6 (TV)

jeeves-s3dvd jeeves and wooster dvd


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Bingo Little returns as he’s now fallen for a girl in league with a group of revolutionaries. Aunt Dalia also returns to ask Bertie to steal a painting; as well as Madeline Bassett and Spode in this episode.

Bingo attempts to win on the horses and puts on a big beard to disguise himself during the revolution movement. It goes wrong as the horse fails to win and Bingo’s soon exposed as a fraud.

Bertie gets to steal a painting for his Aunt Dalia to improve on her women’s magazine. This involves him going down in the middle of the night using treacle and scissors which gets pretty sticky indeed.

‘Series 3, Episode 6’ rating – 8/10

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