‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 4, Episode 1 (TV)

jeeves-s4dvd jeeves and wooster dvd


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Bertie’s back in America with Jeeves and has got himself entangled with American painter Gwladys Pendlebury. He gets Gwladys to paint a picture of Aunt Agatha who comes to America to see him.

Bertie’s Aunt Agatha comes to New York with his cousins Claude and Eustace. They are to be sent to South America before they go out on the town and become infatuated with a beautiful ‘fat singer’.

Tuppy Glossop also returns, as he’s tries to make a deal with the stern Slingsby who runs Slingsby’s Superb Soups. Tuppy also wants to marry the radiant Elizabeth Bickers (what happened to Angela?)

‘Series 4, Episode 1’ rating – 10/10

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