‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 4, Episode 3 (TV)

jeeves-s4dvd jeeves and wooster dvd


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In this episode, Bertie meets up with Pip Torrens as Bingo Little. Bingo is in love again with a waitress at a New York diner who turns out to be Anastasia Hille as Rosie M. Banks, the author of the novels that Bingo has been reading to his uncle.

This episode features the return of Sir Roderick Glossop (now played by Philip Locke) with his daughter, Liz Kettle as Honoria. Bertie tries to soup things up in order for Honoria to become engaged to an American doctor working for Sir Roderick.

Sir Roderick also wants to marry a nurse, Veronica Clifford as Myrtle Snap. Bertie gets engaged to Honoria again and gets a theatrical agent, David Healy as Jas Waterbury, to have a girl act as his fiancée. This goes wrong. 😀

‘Series 4, Episode 3’ rating – 10/10

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