‘Jeeves & Wooster’, Series 4, Episode 5 (TV)

jeeves-s4dvd jeeves and wooster dvd


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This episode returns us back to Totleigh Towers where we have the return of Spode; Sir Watkyn Bassett; Madeline Bassett; Gussie Fink-Nottle; Stiffy Byng and Stinker Pinker with Emerald Stoker.

Stiffy wants Bertie to steal an African totem. Bertie gets to dress up as an African chief with amusing results and there is a run-around with the African totem from one place to another in this episode.

This is a great episode which ends up with Gussie breaking up from Madeline and Spode getting engaged to her. Everybody is happy including Bertie who sings a song at the piano with everyone.

‘Series 4, Episode 5’ rating – 9/10

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