Keeping Up Appearances

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“The Bucket Residence…the lady of the house speaking!”

This is another one of my favourite BBC TV sitcoms that was made in the 1990s. ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ by Roy Clarke is a gentle, humourous and enjoyable comedy series starring Patricia Routledge as Hyacinth Bucket (who pronounces it ‘bouquet’), a lady who is such a snob attempting to gain status.

The series also stars Clive Swift as Richard, Hyacinth’s long-suffering husband; Josephine Tewson as Elizabeth, Hyacinth’s next door neighbour and David Griffin as Emmet, Elizabeth’s brother. There’s also Hyacinth’s family – Judy Cornwell as Daisy, Hyacinth’s first sister; Geoffrey Hughes as Onslow, Daisy’s slobby husband and Shirley Stelfox/Mary Millar as Rose, Hyacinth’s second and flirty sister.

I first saw ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ when my Dad purchased the first DVD box set of Series 1 & 2 over Easter 2003. Now we have the complete series on DVD and we enjoy watching ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ now and again. Some of the comedy is pretty good and enjoyable to watch on DVD.

The series contains five seasons altogether. Here on ‘Bradley’s Basement’, I will add my reviews on each episode in the five seasons of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ and also on the Christmas Specials. I hope there’ll be more ‘Keeping Up Appearances’-related reviews added to my blog.

Here’s a link to a list of who’s who in the ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ TV series. Below is a list of my DVD reviews on the episodes in the ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ TV series. Click on the links to check out, read and comment on my reviews.

Enjoy! 🙂


‘Keeping Up Appearances’ (TV series)

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