‘A Picnic for Daddy’ (TV)

keeping up appearances series 1&2 


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Series 2 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ comes to an end in an episode where Hyacinth wants to take her Daddy out on a picnic. It goes wrong when Daddy steals Richard’s car. Hyacinth and Richard go with Onslow, Daisy and Rose in their car in order to chase after Daddy. Will they catch up to him? 😐

I enjoyed this episode very much and it’s a great way to end Series 2. I liked some of the earlier scenes featured in the episode. This includes Hyacinth’s son Sheridan phoning her up and asking for money to buy some pure silk pyjamas. I imagine pure silk pyjamas can be pretty expensive indeed. 😀

I laughed at the moment where Richard smashed his fist into one of Hyacinth’s cakes; angry about the fact that Sheridan wants pure silk pyjamas. It’s interesting how Richard asked Hyacinth in bed at night on whether she’s worried about her son’s future. She answers in a way where she’s not clued on things.

It’s implied that Sheridan might be gay as he spends time with his friend Tarquin, according to Hyacinth on the telephone. Hyacinth either doesn’t know or chooses to ignore the implication that Sheridan might be gay. I think Richard might know, although he doesn’t say this in front of Hyacinth.

I also liked it when Onslow’s dog barked at Hyacinth from the house window instead of the car. This was a hilarious twist and a change. Onslow’s dog also attends to Richard a lot in the episode. Hyacinth disapproves, especially when Onslow’s dog is all over him and covers him with his hairs. 😀

Rose has a new gentleman friend in the episode called Mr. Butterfield whom she talks to on the phone. It’s quite amusing when Hyacinth assumed Rose’s Mr. Butterfield was one of the ‘executive car people’, but it isn’t that Butterfield at all. Hyacinth does ruin Rose’s love life for a bit in this instance.

The highlight of the episode of course is when everyone in Onslow’s car chases after Daddy in Richard’s car. It was thrilling, exciting and funny to watch the car chase sequence in the episode. Hyacinth is more concerned about her tuna mayonnaise whilst Richard is concerned about his car. 😀

Jeremy Gittins and Marion Barron make another appearance in this ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ episode as the Vicar and his wife. The Vicar offers Hyacinth and her family a lift in his car after Onslow’s car breaks down whilst after chasing Daddy. The episode ends with the police showing up. 😀

‘A Picnic for Daddy’ rating – 8/10

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