‘A Strange Man’ (TV)

keeping up appearances series 1&2 


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Series 2 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ begins with the introduction of a new character in the series. David Griffin makes his debut appearance as Emmet, Elizabeth’s brother. Emmet’s recently divorced and is staying with his sister for a while to sort things out. He also happens to be a talented musician.

At first, Hyacinth is shocked to see Emmet as she thinks he’s ‘a strange man’ staying with Elizabeth from the previous night. He was also draped in a towel when he went out to fetch the milk. Hyacinth acquires Richard’s help in order to discover what’s going on with Elizabeth and her ‘strange man’. 😀

I enjoyed it when Hyacinth made Richard go through the act of looking to see if he can spot Elizabeth’s ‘strange man’ through the front house window. When he doesn’t, he then makes out he’s forgotten something and returns to Hyacinth in the house. They do this for a few times here. 😀

It was funny once Hyacinth discovered that Emmet is actually Elizabeth’s brother and that he’s a ‘classically trained musician’. He’s also in charge of the musical operatic society. Hyacinth tries to win her way with Emmet by ‘singing at him’. He gets terrified of her, which becomes a reoccurring thing.

Mary Millar also makes her debut appearance as Rose in the series, taking over from Shirley Stelfox in Series 1. Mary delivers a new energy to Rose’s character, which was both exciting and amusing to see. I like how she bounced off well with Onslow and Daisy whenever she’s talking about her love life. 🙂

It’s been argued Mary Millar is more over-the-top as Rose compared to Shirley Stelfox. I don’t think that’s fair as Mary Millar does deliver her own take on Rose, which is enjoyably entertaining. Sadly Mary Millar passed away in November 1998. She happened to be a practising Christian apparently.

I liked that first scene between Onslow and Daisy. Daisy finds it a beautiful day but Onslow is too lazy to get up out of bed. Onslow, Daisy and Rose soon drive over to meet Hyacinth after Daddy’s gone missing. Hyacinth tries to get rid of them when she’s entertaining Elizabeth and Emmet at her house.

The episode ends with Daddy cycling into Hyacinth’s back garden, wearing long johns and a steel helmet. Hyacinth, Elizabeth and Emmet watch this happen. 😀 The first episode of Series 2 is a good introduction to Emmet as a new character and Mary Millar is good in her debut as Rose in the series. 🙂

‘A Strange Man’ rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘A Strange Man’ (TV)

  1. David Harvey

    I always used to wonder why Shirley Stelfox was replaced on ‘Keeping up Appearances’ and I have since learned that she had prior commitments to ‘Making Out’, so that was why Mary Millar replaced her for the remainder of the series’ run.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi David,

      Thanks for letting me know that Shirley Stelfox had prior commitments to ‘Making Out’. I wouldn’t have known that unless you mentioned it.

      Tim 🙂



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