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This is the third Christmas Special from the ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ series. It’s a 48-minute special, and like the previous Christmas Special in 1993 with the QE2 cruise storyline, this episode doesn’t have any Christmas mentions. Although, there are subtle hints of Christmas featured in the story. 🙂

Firstly, there’s the wintery atmosphere, especially when our main characters are outside and when Liz wears a woolly hat on her head. There are also the Christmas decorations hanging on the walls of Onslow’s house. Thus, the special does have a Christmas feel to it, even though it isn’t overstated. 😐

In this Christmas Special, Richard has a problem with his left foot, since he has ‘athlete’s foot’ – a minor fungus infection. This is something Hyacinth doesn’t approve of, as she tries to make out that Richard has ‘gout’ instead of ‘athlete’s foot’. This is something that sees Hyacinth at her silliest worst.

Hyacinth doesn’t seem to realise that ‘gout’ is worse than a fungus infection. She believes that ‘gout’ comes from an ‘excess of good living’. Richard has to wear a bandage around his left foot to make out he’s got gout. One wonders why Hyacinth doesn’t say anything about Richard’s ‘athlete’s foot’. 😦

This clearly demonstrates that Hyacinth lives in a world of her own and doesn’t acknowledge other people, as she tries to show off that she and Richard are of a superior upper class standard. She’s naïve that ‘gout’ is worse than ‘athlete’s foot’ and seems disbelieving that she married an athlete (?!)

Also during the episode, Hyacinth sets her sights on purchasing a new kitchen fitting called Angel Gabriel Blue. She even gets advice from Jeremy Gittins as the Vicar to approve of the choice she’s making with her new kitchen fitting. She goes to the exclusive kitchens’ store to find what she wants.

Trevor Bannister guest stars as Mr. Merryweather, the salesman at the exclusive kitchens’ store which Hyacinth visits. Trevor Bannister is well-known for starring in the BBC sitcom series ‘Are You Being Served?’. Mr. Merryweather gets a shock when Hyacinth is messing up one of the kitchen tops.

Hyacinth adds mixtures of food stuff all over one of the kitchen tops to measure how long it would leave stains. When I saw that in the episode, I was like “Hyacinth, what do you think you’re doing?!” Hyacinth gets a shock with Mr. Merryweather when it turns out he’s Rose’s latest boyfriend here. 😀

My favourite moments in this episode are when Hyacinth invites Elizabeth and Emmet around for morning coffee to see Richard’s bandaged foot. Hyacinth tries to make out that Richard reacts in great pain to the vibrations of shutting a door. Richard’s scream of pain was pretty hilarious indeed!

It was also hilarious when Hyacinth presented Liz with a coffee mug with a lid on it. Liz is delighted at first, but then realises she has to take the lid off, leading back where she started with spilling coffee to the floor. It was pretty hilarious when Hyacinth gave Liz a pink baby’s mug to drink from instead. 🙂

Another favourite moment with Liz and Emmet is when the phone rings and Liz knocks Emmet’s arm, causing him to spill coffee all over himself. It was so funny when Hyacinth declared that the coffee hadn’t spilled all over her furniture…or anything that mattered. I’d be annoyed just like Emmet then.

With Onslow, Daisy and Rose; Daddy goes missing. There’s a stranger in his bed. The stranger happens to be Preston Lockwood as Mr. Mawsby. For me, Preston Lockwood was in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Snakedance’; and he’s been in a couple of episodes of Series 4 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’. 🙂

Preston Lockwood has also been in the BBC’s ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’. Mr. Mawsby makes an appearance at the end of the Christmas Special. George Webb makes an appearance as Daddy, when he returns home and rides on his skateboard. Yes, seriously! 🙂

By the way, I found it funny when Rose revealed to Onslow and Daisy that there’s a fella in Daddy’s bed. Onslow splutters beer from his can once Rose says this. It’s also amusing when Onslow, Daisy and Rose phone Hyacinth from a red public call box. Onslow’s been cut off again with the phone bill.

Hyacinth and Richard are informed about what happened to Daddy and they drive over to Onslow’s house. However, Richard has to drive with his left barefoot in the car. If Richard has gout, he shouldn’t be driving! Hyacinth is silly! She even states people can drive barefoot whilst in Nigeria. 😡

The sequence with Hyacinth and Richard driving to Onslow’s was funny to watch, especially when the car makes noises as Richard drives with his left barefoot. Richard is clearly annoyed in having to drive with a barefoot, but Hyacinth doesn’t listen to him. Richard should have stood up to Hyacinth!

The episode ends with Richard climbing up the ladder to look for Mr. Mawsby in Daddy’s bedroom. If Richard has gout, he shouldn’t be up the ladder! Richard soon ends up falling and dangling from the ladder. No-one helps him! I felt sorry for Richard. He calls out to everyone he has a fungus infection.

I have a lot to say about this Christmas Special of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. That must mean that it’s one of my favourites as well as the QE2 episode. It’s not overly Christmassy as you would expect, but it has that comforting atmosphere to make it feel like a great Christmas Special, which I enjoyed.

‘Angel Gabriel Blue’ rating – 9/10

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