‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Christmas Special 1991 (TV)

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keeping up appearances christmas special 1991

This is the first Christmas Special to be featured in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. For me, this is the only one of the four Christmas Specials of the series to feel Christmassy enough. The later three Christmas Specials don’t have Christmas significance in them at all, apart from being an hour longer.

In this episode, Hyacinth hires a Father Christmas outift for Richard to wear for distributing gifts to the old folk at their local church. It was funny to see Richard in his Father Christmas outfit, but he feels uncomfortable to wear it. Hyacinth suggests he goes and sees Elizabeth and Emmet on their opinion.

At Elizabeth and Emmet’s house, Emmet gets Richard drunk with sherry whilst still in his Father Christmas outfit. It was funny to see Richard and Emmet playing on the piano and singing ‘Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer’. Elizabeth is very shocked to see Richard in this state since ‘Hyacinth will kill her’.

Eventually, Elizabeth takes Richard’s place as she wears the Father Christmas outfit to take Hyacinth over to the local church. I found it amusing that Liz doesn’t say anything as Richard when she’s driving Hyacinth to the church. Hyacinth doesn’t suspect much either since she chats away in the car.

At the church, Jeremy Gittins guest stars as the Vicar in this Christmas episode. The Vicar tells Hyacinth that her Daddy has come to the church and is causing trouble. Hyacinth soon sorts things by getting Daddy out of here. And how does she do it? She puts her Daddy into a black cat costume.

I found it very funny when after Hyacinth discovers that Elizabeth is in the Father Christmas outfit, she gets to wear the Father Christmas outfit too. This is in order for her to smuggle her Daddy out of the church to get into Onslow and Daisy’s car. Hyacinth has trouble with putting Daddy and his black cat tail into the car.

The highpoint of this episode is when Onslow actually kisses Hyacinth in the Father Christmas outfit under the mistletoe. It was so hilarious, as Onslow assumed it was Elizabeth in the Father Christmas outfit and not Hyacinth. Onslow becomes pretty shaken up after he realises his mistake as Hyacinth shines to him.

I should also probably mention Rose’s boyfriend in the Christmas episode, Mr. Sudbury. Mr. Sudbury is supposed to be tall, elegant and a wonderful dancer. Yet every time I see him, I don’t find elegant-looking. He’s rather dorky and the dance scenes between him and Rose are very silly in the episode.

This Christmas episode of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ has been pretty enjoyable to watch. It’s fair to say that this is the only Christmassy episode of the series. I don’t know why they didn’t do more Christmassy-style stories in the later Christmas episodes, as this one stands out for me at Christmas.

‘Christmas Special 1991’ rating – 8/10

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