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This is the second Christmas Special featured in the ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ series. It’s also the first hour-length episode of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ in the series. However, unlike the 1991 Christmas Special, this episode doesn’t have Christmas references in it at all and it’s more summery.

The first time I saw this episode was when my best mate Stephen lent me a VHS recording of it when it was being repeated on TV. I enjoyed watching this hour-long episode of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ with Hyacinth and Richard on the QE2 cruise ship. I was looking forward to own the episode on DVD!

This episode has Hyacinth and Richard going off on a luxury cruise aboard the QE2. However, on the way to Southampton, Hyacinth and Richard face obstacles on their journey. This includes traffic jams; getting lost and ending up in a muddy field. They end up late, as the QE2 leaves without them.

I found it funny whilst in the episode Richard relies on Hyacinth to give him directions and they end up getting lost. When they end at the muddy field, Hyacinth has the gall to say to Richard, “You’ve taken the wrong turning!” Richard gets angry and who can blame him when he storms out of the car.

But Richard gets to have his own back on Hyacinth. When they drive into the muddy field to turn around, the car gets stuck. Richard tells Hyacinth to ‘get out and push’ and she’s not happy about it. Hyacinth ends with getting mud all over her clothes, as Richard drives the car out of the muddy field.

What I found funny in that scene is when Hyacinth says to Richard, “You’ll pay for this, Richard Bucket!” before realising her mistake and saying ‘bouquet’ afterwards. Later in the series, it’s revealed the surname’s not ‘bouquet’ at all. But it was so funny to hear Hyacinth make that mistake.

Eventually, Hyacinth and Richard get to go on a plane flight to Copenhagen to catch up with the QE2 there. After escaping the menace of the Danes (according to Hyacinth!), the two eventually settle in aboard the cruise ship. Hyacinth is so looking forward to meeting the captain of the ship over dinner.

But it turns out that Hyacinth and Richard aren’t the only ones aboard the QE2 ship. Onslow and Daisy are there too. Hyacinth believes that Onslow and Daisy are stowaways when seeing them come out of a lifeboat. But it turns out it’s not the case, since Onslow and Daisy have come officially.

In the episode, there’s a sequence where Hyacinth and Richard are running around the QE2 to try and locate Onslow and Daisy. This gives us a chance to see more of the QE2 ship, since they actually filmed the episode there. Mind you, this does deviate away from the main story in most of that time.

Michael Cochrane guest stars in the episode as the Ship’s Officer. For me, Michael guest starred in the ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘Black Orchid’. I was delighted to see him in this ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ special. I have met Michael in real-life at the ‘Doctor Who’ convention called ‘celebrate 50 – The Peter Davison Years’ in Chiswick, London, April 2013.

The episode also features Bernard Holley as the Restaurant Manager aboard the QE2. Bernard has also appeared in ‘Doctor Who’ in the stories ‘The Tomb of the Cybermen’ and ‘The Claws of Axos’. I’ve also met Mr. Bernard Holley in real-life at the ‘Pandorica 2014’ convention in Bristol, September 2014.

The episode also features a guest appearance of Lord Lichfield as himself. I’m not very familiar with Lord Lichfield as a celebrity, but the episode does make out he’s someone very important. It was funny when Hyacinth and Richard come across him while they’re running about the QE2 cruise ship.

This Christmas Special of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ doesn’t feel like a proper Christmas Special and should be more of a Summer Special. But besides that, I really like this episode a lot. It’s got plenty of comedic moments throughout and it was a nice change to have Hyacinth and Richard aboard a luxury cruise ship away from home. It was very funny when Onslow and Daisy turned up on the ship.

‘Christmas Special 1993’ rating – 9/10

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