‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 1, Episode 4 (TV)

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keeping up appearances s1e4

This is another one of my favourite ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ episodes from Series 1. In this episode, Hyacinth and Elizabeth go off as volunteers to help out at the charity shop. But Hyacinth’s plans are ruined when Daisy phones. Daddy has a woman in her bedroom, saying she is his fiancée.

I found it funny when Hyacinth tries to make out one of the posh houses is Daisy’s to Elizabeth, before she goes off by herself to climb over the back wall to get to Onslow and Daisy’s real house. It was equally funny when Hyacinth climbs back over from the back wall and returns to Elizabeth’s car.

With the woman who is supposedly engaged to Daddy, it was funny when she had her own catchphrases in this episode. “He offered me marriage!” and “I’ve got witnesses!” Hyacinth, Daisy and Onslow try to dissuade the old woman to leave the house, but she is keen to stay and live there.

This episode features the first appearance of Charmian May as Mrs. Councillor Nugent. I’ve seen Chairmain May before as Mrs. Weaver in ‘The Good Life’. Mrs. Councillor Nugent is this pretty strict and firm woman running the charity shop when Hyacinth and Elizabeth meet her during the episode.

The episode also guest stars Norman Lovett who plays Mr. Duxbury, the old woman’s son. Norman Lovett is well-known for starring in the sci-fi sitcom series ‘Red Dwarf’. Gretchen Franklin guest stars as Daddy’s fiancée. I liked how the episode ends with how they get Daddy out of a terrible marriage.

‘Series 1, Episode 4’ rating – 9/10

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