‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 1, Episode 6 (TV)

keeping up appearances series 1&2 


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This is the last episode of Series 1 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ and is another one of my favourites from the series. In this episode, Hyacinth and Richard attend a christening service for the baby of Onslow and Daisy’s unmarried daughter, Stephanie. Hyacinth and Richard wonder who the father is.

I found it interesting that Onslow and Daisy have a daughter in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. This is the only time we see Stephanie, as she gets forgotten in the next four seasons. It turns out that Stephanie has become a hippie and she’s now got two guys with her that drive this hippie caravan.

I enjoyed the scenes where Hyacinth and Richard visit Onslow and Daisy’s house first before going to the church for the christening. It was funny to see Onslow in a clean shirt and wearing a tie for a change. Onslow has bought some sherry as he, Daisy, Richard and Hyacinth toast to Stephanie and the baby.

Rose is also funny in this episode, since he has two gents falling for her in Reg and Dennis. Rose gets on Daisy and Hyacinth’s nerves regarding her love life, especially when talks to Reg and Dennis on the telephone. The two men eventually turn up at the church and fight for Rose in being her escort.

This episode features the last appearance of Shirley Stelfox as Rose in the series. The episode also guest stars Gerald Sim as the vicar for Stephanie’s daughter’s christening. I enjoyed the scenes where Hyacinth and Richard are at the church the vicar happily greets Onslow and Daisy in their car.

‘Series 1, Episode 6’ rating – 9/10

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