‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 2, Episode 10 (TV)

keeping up appearances series 1&2 


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Series 2 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ comes to a close in an episode about Hyacinth wanting to take her Daddy out on a picnic. But it goes wrong when Daddy steals Richard’s car. Hyacinth and Richard go with Onslow in his car with Daisy and Rose as they chase after Daddy. Will they catch up to him?!

I enjoyed this episode very much and it’s a great way to end Series 2 of the series. I liked some of the earlier scenes in the episode, including Hyacinth’s son Sheridan ringing up on the phone for some pure silk pyjamas. I laughed at the moment when Richard smashed his fist in one of Hyacinth’s cakes.

I also liked it when Onslow’s dog barks at Hyacinth from the house window instead of the car, which was a hilarious twist and change. Onslow dog also attends to Richard a lot in the episode, which Hyacinth disapproves. Also Rose had a new gentleman friend called Mr. Butterfield who she phones.

It was amusing when Hyacinth thinks that Mr. Butterfield is one of the executive car people, but it’s not that Butterfield at all. The highlight of the episode of course is when everyone in Onslow’s car chases after Daddy in Richard’s car. It was thrilling and exciting to watch and as funny in the episode.

Jeremy Gittins and Marion Barron make another appearance in this ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ episode as the Vicar and his wife. The Vicar offers Hyacinth and her family a lift in his car after Onslow’s car breaks down when chasing Daddy. The episode ends so well when the police show up.

‘Series 2, Episode 10’ rating – 8/10

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