‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 2, Episode 2 (TV)

keeping up appearances series 1&2


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This is probably my favourite episode out of Series 2 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’! In this episode, Hyacinth and Richard get to a wealthy old lady, Mrs. Fortescue, into town in their car. But things start to go wrong for Hyacinth, when they bump into Onslow, Daisy and Rose and end up in the pub.

Jean Anderson guest stars as Mrs. Fortescue in the episode. She’s a funny old lady and Richard is afraid of her, since she keeps attacking him with her walking stick. Even when Richard is nice to her, she still attacks him. It was pretty funny when Mrs. Fortescue is in the car with Hyacinth and Richard.

It was so funny when they eventually run into Onslow, Daisy and Rose in the episode. I laughed when Richard saw Onslow’s bicycle parked outside the pub and he asks, “Isn’t this Onslow’s bicycle?” Hyacinth’s reaction to seeing it is brilliant, as she gets Richard to go inside to rescue Mrs. Fortescue.

Hyacinth sounds the car for Richard to hurry up as she waits. It was very funny when the man carrying the tray of drinks; drops it and insults Hyacinth. Hyacinth says “Butterfingers!” to him in response. It was equally funny when Hyacinth looks in through the pub window when on the ladder.

She tries to avoid being seen when she sees some old ladies she knows walking by. It all ends hilariously and disastrously for Hyacinth when she’s on the lorry and it drives off with her on board. Meanwhile, Mrs. Fortescue gets to be entertained by Hyacinth’s family and playing darts in the pub.

By the way, I found it funny when Daisy asks Onslow in bed, “Why don’t you grow a moustache?” Onslow’s response is superb. “You want a moustache? Why don’t you go grow a moustache?!” Also when Rose enters their bedroom and demands a ‘fag’ from Onslow when she screams her head off.

‘Series 2, Episode 2’ rating – 9/10

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