‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 2, Episode 5 (TV)

keeping up appearances series 1&2 


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In this episode, Onslow and Daisy lose Daddy when taking out into town in a wheelchair. They go over to visit Hyacinth and tell about this. It soon transpires that Daddy seems to be making for the Registry Office as he’s about to marry someone. Hyacinth with Richard, Onslow and Daisy stop him.

This episode’s pretty funny when Hyacinth keeps ringing Richard at work about her family problems during a meeting. Richard gets frustrated when Hyacinth keeps calling her up. This happens again in the next episode, but Richard’s calm as he listens to Hyacinth and excuses himself from the meeting.

I found it amusing when Onslow and Daisy visit Hyacinth’s, and Hyacinth put on one of Richard’s jackets onto Onslow to cover his tattooed arms. Onslow is annoyed having to wear a jacket. He tries to take it off but Hyacinth won’t let him. Daisy likes Onslow in a jacket since she finds him smart in it.

Another problem for Hyacinth is when her sister Violet’s husband Bruce is stuck up a tree. Bruce does this deliberately since he wants to wear one of Violet’s evening dresses to go to a dance at. This running gag of Bruce wanting to wear women’s clothes does tend to get repetitive during the series.

I enjoyed it when Liz and Emmet give Hyacinth a lift into town via car and soon offer to give Onslow and Daisy with Hyacinth and Richard a lift back home. Hyacinth is afraid of Liz and Emmet seeing how Onslow and Daisy live. It was funny when Daddy gets draped over a wall and ends on his head.

‘Series 2, Episode 5’ rating – 7/10

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