‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 2, Episode 6 (TV)

keeping up appearances series 1&2 


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This is an episode where Onslow gets to celebrate his birthday. Unfortunately it’s a family get-together and Daisy tells Onslow that they have to invite Hyacinth to his party, which he’s not happy about. This episode isn’t really about Onslow’s birthday party which was very annoying for me here.

Instead, the episode focuses on Hyacinth’s determination to impress Rose’s new gentleman friend, Mr. Marinopolous, who happens to be Greek and wealthy. On a visit to town, Hyacinth and Richard go off to purchase some new gold-plated cufflinks as a present for Onslow to impress Marinopolous.

In this episode, Richard has another business meeting where we works and gets phone called by Hyacinth again. Unlike the previous episode, Richard loses his patience with Hyacinth when she interrupts him in his meeting. It was funny with Richard screaming out, “Hyacinth, I’m in a meeting!”

Hyacinth decides to have a pre-lunch cocktail party before going to Onslow’s birthday party in order to impress Mr. Marinopolous when he turns up in his car to pick her and Richard up. The guest list includes Jeremy Gittins as the Vicar and Marion Barron as the Vicar’s Wife, but they back out of this.

There’s also Peter Cellier who returns as the Major and tries to woo his way to Hyacinth again. He didn’t learn his lesson from Series 2, Episode 4, did he? Elizabeth and Emmet also attend the cocktail party. It was funny when Mr. Marinopolous turns up in a hearse which shocks Hyacinth immensely.

‘Series 2, Episode 6’ rating – 7/10

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