‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 2, Episode 8 (TV)

keeping up appearances series 1&2 


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In this episode, Daddy runs off to visit the toy store. Onslow, Daisy and Rose soon get wind of this and decide to call on their Hyacinth to tell the news. Hyacinth is distressed at hearing the news and soon they go off in Onslow’s car to rescue Daddy, who now dresses himself up in a space astro-suit.

I liked this episode when I saw it. I especially liked it when Onslow offers a lift to Elizabeth and Emmet when their car breaks down before going off into town. It was amusing when they’re all in Onslow’s car and Rose sits on top of Emmet. Hyacinth is feeling uncomfortable being in Onslow’s car.

It’s funny when Rose is seducing Emmet whilst in the car on the way into town. But it’s also quite sweet, especially when Emmet how ‘close’ he was to Rose. I liked that Onslow and Daisy are friendly to Elizabeth and Emmet and they’re appreciate the lift into town, even though Hyacinth disapproves.

Richard also meets Hyacinth in town when he leaves work to find Daddy at the toy store. It was amusing when Daddy is in his spacesuit and Richard chases after him. This episode also features Chairman May as Mrs. Councilor Nugent, in her second TV appearance in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’.

It was funny when Hyacinth goes in and out of the store with Mrs. Councilor Nugent. There are also some amusing moments when Hyacinth sees Violet’s Bruce dressed up as a jockey riding on a puppet horse. .Hyacinth tries to avoid Bruce as she and Richard head off into the opposite direction.

By the way, I recognised David Warwick appear in this episode, as I’ve seen him more recently in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV story ‘The Pirate Planet’. There was also that married couple who saw Hyacinth climb over their garden wall in Series 1, Episode 4. They recognised Hyacinth when seeing her in this.

‘Series 2, Episode 8’ rating – 8/10

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