‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 2, Episode 9 (TV)

keeping up appearances series 1&2


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keeping up appearances s2e9

In this episode, Hyacinth is expecting a delivery of a new three-piece suite for her house. Apparently the suite is supposed to be an exact replica of the one at Sandringham House. Hyacinth decides to give her old three-piece suite to Onslow, Daisy and Rose, provided that they’ll pick it up themselves.

This episode demonstrates Hyacinth’s snobbery. The reason she wants her new three-piece suite, is because she wants to show off to one of her neighbours, Mrs. Barker-Finch. The delivery van happens to have the royal warrant on both sides and Hyacinth wants Mrs. Barker-Finch to see this.

I liked it when Rose picks up the telephone thinking it’s her on-and-off boyfriend Boris, but it’s actually Hyacinth instead. It was also funny when Rose calls Daisy to wake up. Daisy wakes up, annoyed Hyacinth thinks she is still in bed. They soon go over to pick up Hyacinth’s old suite in a van.

It was amusing when Hyacinth goes into a panic when the phone rings and she believes her new three-piece suite to be damaged during delivery. But of course, it’s her sister Violet and her son Sheridan who are phoning Hyacinth. Sometimes Hyacinth can be so over-reactive in these episodes.

Soon the delivery van arrives, but it’s too early for Hyacinth and Richard asks the delivery men to go around the block again. This they do, but the delivery van has accident. It was so funny when it’s Onslow, Daisy and Rose who have come to the rescue and deliver Hyacinth’s new three-piece suite.

‘Series 2, Episode 9’ rating – 8/10

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