‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 3, Episode 1 (TV)

keeping up appearances s3&4 dvd 


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keeping up appearances s3e1

The first episode of Series 3 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ sees Richard on his last day at work before he goes into early retirement. Of course this episode doesn’t focus heavily on his last day at work before he retires, though it is seen in one scene where he sees his manager and begs him to stay on.

Richard is clearly depressed about having early retirement and to live with Hyacinth all day for the rest of his life. I found it funny when Richard keeps on avoiding going to work. This occurs when he goes back in the house and locks Hyacinth out, after kissing her twice on the cheek which was funny.

It also happens when Richard is about to drive off in the car to go to work before coming out again, making it seem like to Hyacinth it’s the end of the day. Also he walks the wrong way to work and goes in the opposite direction which was funny. Hyacinth clearly doesn’t see Richard very distracted.

Hyacinth is keen for Richard to work on despite having early retirement. Not at his place of work with the council though, but with dead chickens. Hyacinth discusses this with Elizabeth over morning coffee, ending disastrously with Liz knocking the coffee and biscuits to the floor which was hilarious.

I also enjoyed that scene in Onslow and Daisy’s house where the phone rings in their living room. But Onslow’s so lazy to get up and answer it that Daisy does it instead. It was funny when Daisy found the television too loud to hear who’s speaking on the phone. She tells Onslow but he doesn’t budge.

This episode ends with a funny scene as Rose’s new boyfriend, Roger, can’t move his dog Olive from Hyacinth’s driveway. Roger goes off to fetch a dog to cheer Olive up, but Hyacinth has a good go of moving the dog with Liz’s help. It was funny when Olive runs off with Hyacinth holding onto her lead.

‘Series 3, Episode 1’ rating – 7/10

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