‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 3, Episode 3 (TV)

keeping up appearances s3&4 dvd 


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This episode was all over the place for me. In this episode, Hyacinth borrows Violet and Bruce’s country cottage for the weekend to hold a barbecue. Whilst at the country cottage, Hyacinth attempts to impress a lady from the manor house and her husband, which gets a little carried away.

This isn’t one of the best episodes from the ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ series for me. It’s okay, but I was hoping for Hyacinth to actually hold a barbecue in the episode. This doesn’t happen until Series 5 when Hyacinth and Richard entertain at Violet’s house, but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here.

The problem I have with this episode is that most of it has Hyacinth and Richard meeting Marcia Warren as Bunty and Royce Mills as Dorian from the manor house. Most of the time, they spend drinking too many cocktails and dancing around a lot in the summer time. It makes this episode silly.

I liked it when Daisy and Rose are keen to go to Hyacinth’s barbecue when their Daddy’s been invited. But Onslow’s not very keen since he knows Hyacinth will be polishing the hot dogs and it won’t be much fun for him. But Hyacinth’s Daddy isn’t going anywhere without his Polish lady friend.

I found it funny when Hyacinth tries to pronounce ‘Mrs. Thing’s polish name and she can’t do it when she writes down and is on the phone to Daisy. I also liked it when Richard tries to look for Bunty’s dog Zoe and it turns out that ‘Mrs. Thing’s name is also Zoe, making this pretty coincidental.

‘Series 3, Episode 3’ rating – 6/10

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