‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 3, Episode 5 (TV)

keeping up appearances s3&4 dvd 


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In this episode, Richard is given a new hobby by Hyacinth. He’s given his video camera, which is his retirement present from work. Hyacinth encourages him to do some filming with his video camera. Richard is reluctant to do so, but he eventually agrees and he goes about filming for some locations.

This episode also features Chairman May as Mrs. Councillor Nugent. Hyacinth wants to impress Mrs. Nugent for being on her council and she ropes Elizabeth in to help her out. I found it funny when Elizabeth tries holding one of Hyacinth’s china cups. It goes out of her hand when Hyacinth comes in.

Onslow is also continually concerned about Richard’s well-being from the previous episode. He eventually goes in his car with Rose joining him to visit Richard at Hyacinth’s house. But Hyacinth is embarrassed to see Onslow and tries to get rid of him. Very soon, Onslow’s car breaks down outside.

It was funny when Mrs. Councillor Nugent helps to push Onslow’s car as well as Rose, Liz and Hyacinth. Hyacinth tries to make out that Onslow and Rose are part of Richard’s film, which impresses Mrs. Nugent greatly. Mrs. Nugent wants a part in Richard’s film, which Hyacinth agrees to.

The episode ends with Richard being taken home in a police car, after being caught for filming with his video camera. It was so funny when Hyacinth sees the two policemen with Richard and bundles them into the house. It would have been nice to have seen what Richard’s camera footage looks like.

‘Series 3, Episode 5’ rating – 8/10

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