‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 3, Episode 7 (TV)

keeping up appearances s3&4 dvd 


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I really like this ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ episode. This is the finale to Series 3 and it has Hyacinth and Richard going out on a yacht. This episode was pretty funny to watch and I loved it when Hyacinth and Richard try to drive the boat out on the river and it goes disastrously wrong at the end.

There’s a really funny bit with Onslow early on in the episode that I enjoyed. It’s when he asks Rose whether she’s bought any beer and she tells him she hasn’t. Onslow is pretty annoyed and his line is, “I’m sitting here completely surrounded by no beer!” The way Geoffrey Hughes says that is superb.

The episode features a special guest appearance of Ian Collier as the sales assistant at the clothes shop. Ian played Omega in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV story ‘Arc of Infinity’ as well as the audio story ‘Omega’. Ian’s role in the episode is to help to choose some appropriate seaman clothes for Richard to wear on the yacht.

Richard however is not happy with the clothes he’s given. He has to wear white shorts and he doesn’t like it. But Hyacinth insists that he must appear very seaman like on their yacht. Hyacinth can be so over-the-top when she gets too excited about going on their yacht and saying ‘seaman’ phrases.

It was very funny when Richard and Hyacinth realise that it’s the wrong boat and that Contessa II is actually a smaller vessel. It was equally funny when Richard drove the boat backwards and Hyacinth chases after him to come back. Hyacinth eventually ends up in the river which made me laugh a lot.

‘Series 3, Episode 7’ rating – 9/10

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