‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 4, Episode 1 (TV)

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This is how Series 4 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ begins. In this episode, Hyacinth tries to get Richard a new executive job by working for Frosticle’s frozen foods. Richard is not too keen on the idea, especially when Hyacinth suggests they meet the manager on the golf course later on that day.

It was made clear that Richard doesn’t like golf according to Series 2, Episode 4. But Hyacinth had already contrived a plan and it involves Onslow. Onslow is meant to stand about on the golf course in order for Richard to throw out and impress Mr. Millburn. Richard does well when Onslow’s there.

Onslow is in on Hyacinth’s plan, since there’s a guarantee supply of beer and smoky bacon crisps as well as Frosticle’s frozen foods at the end. I liked that scene when Onslow is in the car with Daisy and he tells her what he has to do according to Hyacinth. Daisy gets concerned; Onslow is not bothered.

In this episode, Frederick Jaegar guest stars as Millburn, the manager of Frosticle’s frozen foods. Frederick has appeared in an episode of ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Them’ and he has also appeared in three ‘Doctor Who’ TV adventures including ‘The Savages’; ‘Planet of Evil’ and ‘The Invisible Enemy’.

It was very funny when Emmet tries to train Elizabeth to say ‘no’ to Hyacinth about meeting her for morning coffee. They try it out at home and Liz gets it wrong which annoys Emmet. It was so funny when they try it at the door, but Hyacinth drags Elizabeth and Emmet in without saying a word at all.

I like how the episode ends with Hyacinth telling Richard that she’s been offered a job with Frosticle’s. Richard tells Hyacinth to take it. I actually thought Hyacinth was going to say “Yes!”. It was so funny when Hyacinth tells Richard she’s rejected it to stay with him and he sobs away at the end.

‘Series 4, Episode 1’ rating – 8/10

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