‘Country Retreat’ (TV)



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This episode is where Hyacinth’s plans begin to find a ‘little place in the country’ for her and Richard. I enjoyed this episode and saw a glimpse of it my best friend Stephen’s copy of the DVD before mu parents and I got our copy. I especially remember when Hyacinth and Richard visit the cottage itself.

The cottage itself happens to be Honeysuckle Cottage. Beforehand, Richard gets annoyed with Hyacinth for choosing properties that happen to be very expensive. But Hyacinth is so naive and ignorant of the costs of these cottages, since she doesn’t want people to think that they’re not rich.

In the episode, Hyacinth and Richard come across an old farmer with a speech impediment. The farmer guides Hyacinth and Richard into the cottage itself and takes a liking to Hyacinth. Hyacinth is embarrassed and resists the farmer’s advances, until the farmer’s horrible, unfriendly wife turns up.

I liked the moment in this episode when Onslow gets up out of bed, feeling tired and groggy and says, “I could do with a bacon butty!” Don’t we all feel like that sometimes? 😀 Also, Emmet gets really excited when he hears that Hyacinth is looking for property after Elizabeth tells him the news.

It was funny when Hyacinth and Richard go over to the farmer’s house for the key and they come across animals like a ghost, a pig, geese and dog getting in their way. The old farmer’s speech impediment is funny to see and it was very amusing when a cow appear beside Hyacinth in the car.

‘Series 4, Episode 2’ rating – 9/10

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