‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 4, Episode 3 (TV)

keeping up appearances s3&4 dvd 


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In this episode, Hyacinth tries to host an outdoors-indoors barbecue for a celebrity guest named C.P. Benedict, the Garden Centre king, that nobody has ever heard of. This is due to Hyacinth’s very ridiculous jealously of one of her neighbours entertaining another celebrity guest of cement making.

This isn’t one of my absolute favourite episodes from ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, although it was funny to see Hyacinth and Richard driving home in a car full of garden plants after visiting a Garden Centre. Hyacinth is pretty obsessed with entertaining and impressing C.P. Benedict at her barbecue.

Also, while at a bank, Hyacinth and Richard try to locate C.P. Benedict in order to invite him to the barbecue. Richard keeps on cashing in cheques for small amounts of money such as £5 and £6 which gets a little silly. But Hyacinth is keen not to give up, especially when the real C.P. Benedict turns up.

There’s a sub-plot in the episode where Daisy demands to know from Onslow where he was last night. Onslow tells Daisy he was with the lads, but Daisy suspects he’s got another woman. I do think Daisy is rather over-the-top in this episode with her jealously and the sub-plot doesn’t go anywhere.

By the end of the episode, Daisy and Rose turn up at Hyacinth’s with new make-overs and wearing mini-skirts. Hyacinth gets embarrassed, until C.P. Benedict turns up. He recognises Rose and it turns out she’s an old flame. Of course, Rose would be an old flame of C.P. Benedict. This upsets Hyacinth.

‘Series 4, Episode 3’ rating – 6/10

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