‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 4, Episode 4 (TV)

keeping up appearances s3&4 dvd 


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This episode has Hyacinth meeting a Commodore. However it’s right at the climax of the episode that the Commodore makes an appearance. The Commodore is the guest speaker for a ladies’ meeting and Hyacinth volunteers to collect him from the train station. But this doesn’t work to plan.

I was delighted to see Geraldine Newman in this episode, as she played Hilda in the BBC TV comedy series ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’. There was also Ann Miller, Richard Brier’s wife, who appeared in this episode and I recognised John Barrard in this, as he played Anatole in Series 1 of ‘Jeeves & Wooster’.

There was a pretty funny scene when Hyacinth entertains Elizabeth and Emmet with Richard over morning coffee. In the build-up, Hyacinth tries to sing a song from ‘The King and I’ but it turns out to be from ‘South Pacific’. In this episode, Emmet drops his coffee cup instead of Elizabeth for a change.

Hyacinth and Richard go to the railway station to pick up the Commodore, but he doesn’t turn up as his train gets delayed. Richard’s car also gets clamped on an illegal parking space which gets him annoyed. But Hyacinth and Richard get help and have a lift with Jeremy Gittins as the Vicar in his car.

Nigel Davenport guest stars as the Commodore in this episode. The Commodore has an eye for the ladies, being an old sea dog. Hyacinth is unprepared for the Commodore’s attempts of seduction as they ride to the train station in the Vicar’s car. This shows how so naïve Hyacinth can be with people.

‘Series 4, Episode 4’ rating – 8/10

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