‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 4, Episode 6 (TV)

keeping up appearances s3&4 dvd 


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This ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ episode has to be best out of the series! Following on from the previous episode, Hyacinth and Richard are now staying at their little apartment in a country house. But Richard’s unhappy as he finds they’re living up in the room and the place they’re in is very small.

I love Richard’s line in this episode when he says to Hyacinth, “I feel boxed in!” Hyacinth doesn’t see that their little summer home is too small, despite banging her head on the ceiling and her and Richard getting stuck in the kitchen. It was funny when they get unstuck and Hyacinth spills the milk.

Elizabeth and Emmet get invited down to the country by Hyacinth. Hyacinth and Richard get dressed up in riding gear and Emmet suggests that they go riding. But Hyacinth can’t ride a horse, yet she tries to make out she can to Elizabeth and Emmet. This results disastrously with Hyacinth on a horse.

Eventually they return back to Hyacinth and Richard’s home and Elizabeth and Emmet find it small too. It was funny when Emmet gets his head stuck in the ceiling after Liz spills her lemonade onto him. Hyacinth and Richard manage to get a sharp knife for Emmet and cut him free from the ceiling.

Onslow, Daisy and Rose eventually turn up with Daddy staying downstairs in the car. Hyacinth’s guests soon get stuck in the kitchen and she suggests Elizabeth to call the emergency services. I don’t know if Hyacinth and Richard give up their country home. It doesn’t return again in the series.

‘Series 4, Episode 6′ rating – 10/10

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