‘Let There Be Light’ (TV)

keeping up appearances s3&4 dvd 


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This finale to Series 4 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ is fairly decent. I enjoyed watching it, as it had Hyacinth and Richard attend the church hall to help out with the bring and buy event. But Hyacinth has volunteered Richard’s services to fix the electrics at the church, saying that he is an expert on it.

But it turns out that Richard is only good at fixing the Christmas tree lights back at home. Richard should have been honest with the Vicar and his wife, saying that he’s not an expert on electrics. But no! He goes in to try and fix the electrics himself. It doesn’t go to plan since the church hall blows up.

Daddy also dresses up in his old war outfit and believes himself to be back in the war and talking to Colonel Dawlish. Onslow, Daisy and Rose see Daddy in his entranced state and decide to take him to the church for the Vicar to sort and exorcise Colonel Dawlish. Hyacinth’s shocked when they turn up.

I found it funny when Hyacinth volunteers to wait for an important lady to turn up by staying outdoors. Marion Barron as the Vicar’s wife and Emmet are very keen on the idea for Hyacinth to stay outside. Hyacinth soon meets the important lady and is to take care of the dogs that look fierce.

I liked those scenes between Richard and Jeremy Gittins as the Vicar when they down in the cellar with the electrics. I also liked the climatic scene where Richard, the Vicar, Emmet and Onslow are together and they begin the countdown for Richard to switch on the lights. But it all ends in disaster.

‘Series 4, Episode 7’ rating – 7/10

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