‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 5, Episode 1 (TV)



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Series 5 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ begins very well with a sunny episode at the seaside. Hyacinth, Richard and Elizabeth volunteer in a senior citizens’ outing from the local church. They go off on a trip to the seaside being organised by Jeremy Gittins as the Vicar and Marion Barron as his wife.

I like this episode very much from the series. It was a while since I last saw ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ from Series 4 to Series 5, so it was great to see this series begin on a sunny note. However, Hyacinth, Richard and Elizabeth with Mrs. Lomax and Mr Farrini are not with the Vicar’s party during their trip.

Angus Lennie guest stars as Mr. Farrini, an amorous old Italian who fancies Hyacinth. Angus Lennie was in two ‘Doctor Who’ stories, ‘The Ice Warriors’ and ‘Terror of the Zygons’, and he played Badger in ‘Monarch of the Glen’. Rita Davies guest stars as Mrs. Lomax, a very motion-sickness-prone lady.

It was fun to see Hyacinth and Mr. Farrini having rides and enjoying themselves at the fun fair in the episode. This includes riding in dodgem cars, going in the fun house and riding on the ghost train. It was funny when Mrs. Lomax seemed to be eating too much and she becomes ill afterwards from it.

Onslow, Daisy and Rose were meant to bring Daddy for the trip to the seaside. But Daddy has already gone before they get up in the morning. It was funny when they turn up at the church to tell Hyacinth what’s happened to Daddy and when reporting to the police about Daddy’s disappearance.

‘Series 5, Episode 1’ rating – 9/10

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