‘The Hostess’ (TV)



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This is the last episode of Series 5 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. It’s not a spectacular season finale, but it’s decent enough. In this episode, Hyacinth advertises herself as a hostess to anyone who wants one in the newspaper. She gets very excited about this, as she wants for phone calls to come.

There are plenty of humorous moments during the episode. These include Hyacinth popping out and back in the house like a ‘demented cuckoo-clock’ according to Emmet. It was also very funny when Hyacinth calls out to the paper boy. The boy runs away and Hyacinth chases him off down the street.

During the episode, Hyacinth is waiting at home for calls to come through and even has Richard posted by the telephone to pick the calls up. Richard can’t even have a cup of coffee whilst Hyacinth’s entertaining Elizabeth, as he’s told to stay put. I love Richard’s sarcasm through the story.

There’s also a subplot in the episode with Onslow and Daisy. Daisy recalls having a pink dress at one of Rose’s engagement parties, but neither Onslow nor Rose remember. This sub-plot doesn’t really go anywhere and hasn’t any relevance to the central plot of the story whatsoever which is annoying.

Eventually, Hyacinth does get a phone call to come and entertain a party of 20 people which she’s pleased about. But it turns out they were all men and assumed Hyacinth was a strip tease dancer. It also transpires out that Daddy’s among the part of 20 men. Hyacinth sends Richard in to get him out.

Like I said, this episode’s nothing spectacular to finish off Series 5 but it doesn’t finish off the series completely as that would happen in the Christmas Special after this. I really laughed at that moment when Hyacinth threw the biscuits off the plate into the air after the phone rings. Liz is not to blame!

‘Series 5, Episode 10’ rating – 7/10

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