‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 5, Episode 2 (TV)



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This episode has Hyacinth and Richard going to the mayor’s fancy dress ball. Hyacinth particularly wants to go, even though Richard is now retired from the council. Hyacinth wants to go as Marie Antoinette, but is so displeased when Richard hires ‘what they’d got left’ and not Marie Antoinette.

Hyacinth goes as Boudicca for the mayor’s fancy dress ball. It was funny when it gets gradually revealed what Hyacinth is wearing as Boudicca. Even Richard looks funny in his Ancient Brit outfit. At the town hall, everyone dresses up a Boudicca and Hyacinth leaves, not wishing to share her throne.

Also in the episode, Hyacinth wants to impress the new neighbours, the Dona-Hughes…who live in the next street at No. 10. It was funny when Hyacinth and Richard take a walk, or as Richard calls it ‘sentry duty’ on the street of No. 10. Mrs. Dona-Hughes gets to see Hyacinth in the Boudicca outfit.

Rose gets engaged to be married to a Polish man in this episode. Rose prefers to call him ‘Cuddly Chops’, but Hyacinth insists that she calls him by his proper name when they’re married. Rose finds it difficult to pronounce his name, saying there are too many ‘z’s’ and calls him ‘Mr. Whatsit’ instead.

It was funny when Onslow reads the Polish person’s name on paper and he can’t pronounce it either. Sadly Rose’s engagement to ‘Mr Whatsit’ doesn’t last long by the next episode. I loved the scene with Onslow and Daisy, where Daisy has a can of beer and she says “It’s all mine! It’s all mine!”

I liked that scene where Richard visits Emmet and tells him that Hyacinth can’t make a rehearsal for his new musical play. Emmet is overjoyed since beforehand Hyacinth threatened to attend his rehearsals and he was downhearted about it. I also like Richard and Emmet’s friendship in the scene.

Ivor Daniels guest stars in this episode of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. Coincidentally, he appeared in Series 3, Episode 1 as Richard’s boss when he was giving him early retirement. I doubt the characters Ivor plays in the series are the same person, but he only has scenes with Richard in the two episodes.

‘Series 5, Episode 2’ rating – 7/10

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