‘Hyacinth Is Alarmed’ (TV)



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This is one of my favourite episodes from ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. In this episode, it’s Hyacinth and Richard’s wedding anniversary. But Richard has forgotten and Hyacinth is expecting a surprise from him. Richard has to come up with a way in making up for forgetting their wedding anniversary.

I like this episode a lot because Hyacinth is actually thinking about Richard in a romantic sense for a change, even though it’s for selfish reasons. Richard also gets some character development in this episode, as he tries his utmost to please Hyacinth when he realises he has forgotten the anniversary.

Richard soon comes up with the answer. Thanks to Emmet’s phone call to Hyacinth about house No. 22 being burgled, Richard decides to have security installed in their house. Hyacinth is overjoyed about having a new burglar alarm system. It gets Richard out of a tricky scrape and is pretty relieved.

Ian Lavender (Pike from ‘Dad’s Army’) guest stars in this episode as the Security Representative who visits Hyacinth’s house to install the burglar alarm. I was pleased to see Ian Lavender in this episode, having seen him in ‘Dad’s Army’. He has a hard getting around Hyacinth when he explores the house.

Once the security alarm is installed, Hyacinth chooses a romantic number as a security code. It happens to be the date of Richard and Hyacinth’s wedding. After a drinking night with Emmet, Richard comes back home and forgets the date of their wedding, to which Hyacinth gets very upset.

Also in this episode, Onslow and Daisy wake up to see Daddy in their bedroom. Daddy is terrified after seeing a phantom image of a woman in his bedroom. Daddy gets more dialogue to speak in this speak than any other. Jeremy Gittins also guest stars as the Vicar to remove with this odd apparition.

‘Hyacinth Is Alarmed’ rating – 9/10

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