‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 5, Episode 4 (TV)



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In this episode, Hyacinth wishes to entertain her friends with a ‘waterside supper with riparian entertainment’ (a riverside picnic, as I prefer to call it). This involves rowing in boats on the river, as well as eating food and drink by the river bank. Hyacinth’s plans however don’t go according to plan.

The people that Hyacinth invites also despair at having to attend. This includes Elizabeth and Emmet and Jeremy Gittins and Marion Barron as the Vicar and his wife. I found it amusing when the Vicar and Emmet each try to tell Hyacinth that they can’t go, but she doesn’t listen and assumes they are.

It was funny when they’re driving to the venue for their riverside picnic that they come across a lot of potholes in the road. It’s also funny when Hyacinth sees a digger dumping dirt in her chosen location as well as Hyacinth and Richard being splashed with water by that same digger on the river.

This episode is noted for featuring the first appearance of Anna Dawson as Violet. I think this was a mistake to have Violet seen at last in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. It spoilt the mystery for me as to what Violet and Bruce really looked like. At least they kept Sheridan’s identity a secret in the series.

Also in this episode, it’s noted by Richard that ‘It’s not Bouquet; it’s Bucket.’ It was always Bucket before Richard met Hyacinth. Now this was interesting to hear as I wonder why Hyacinth would change the name to Bouquet instead of Bucket. She’s clearly embarrassed when Richard mentions it.

I liked it when Onslow, Daisy, Rose and Daddy join Violet on the riverside picnic organised by Hyacinth. Onslow gets to drive Bruce’s Mercedes which is a treat. Violet is clearly not embarrassed by Onslow, Daisy and Rose as Hyacinth is. She allows them to stay even though they weren’t invited.

‘Series 5, Episode 4’ rating – 7/10

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