‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 5, Episode 5 (TV)



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In this episode, it’s Richard’s birthday. Richard expects Hyacinth to give him slippers for his birthday. Instead she gives him a pair of skis. This is something Richard hadn’t wanted for his birthday. Hyacinth purchased the skis for Richard because they ‘will look good on the car’, which is annoying.

I did get a sense from watching this episode of ‘what was the point of this episode?’ The whole skis present for Richard on his birthday by Hyacinth didn’t go anywhere and it seemed a little silly at times. However it was funny when Richard and Hyacinth drove the car with skis inside the windows.

I found it funny when Hyacinth said the familiar line about Violet ‘having a sauna and room for a pony’ an octave higher when Richard stuck one of the skis into her from the back. It was also funny when Hyacinth told Richard to stop the car and the skis fell off from the roof rack and into the road.

Anna Dawson makes another visual appearance as Violet in this episode. This is where I get my mixed feelings about Violet appearing at last with Bruce in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. The running joke with Violet and Bruce in Series 5 is that they’re always arguing and Hyacinth gets embarrassed.

The mystique with Violet is gone here as she’s seen to be unhappy with Bruce. Having her appear in the flesh with Hyacinth ruined it for me. Violet wants to see a Vicar and Hyacinth recommends it, as we have another appearance of Jeremy Gittins as the Vicar and Marion Barron as his wife in the tale.

I enjoyed Onslow, Daisy and Rose’s appearance in this episode. I liked that scene where Onslow and Daisy talk about life after death after Rose brings it up from one of her boyfriends. Daisy wonders whether they’ll be slimmer in the afterlife and Onslow expects that they won’t serve many chips. 😀

‘Series 5, Episode 5’ rating – 6/10

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